October 2020 Update from Tennis Committee

From the Tennis Committee:

Hi all, What a year!  Your tennis committee had such high hopes for 2020 with our tennis community.  While we see all the great leagues out there playing, we are definitely missing our amazing tournaments and mixers.  Don’t worry though, we’re working with the HOA to get these back on the plan very soon! We also owe you a few updates (sorry for the long list!):

  • Tennis Committee: who are they anyway?  🙂  Many of the current committee members were picked up mid-year last year to run the August/Fall Classic tournament.  These movers and shakers pulled off a great tournament, in record time,  that was one of the largest ones we’ve had in a while.  For those that participated, how fun was that??!!  We are also looking for new tennis committee members!  If you are interested, please email us at committee@legacyparktennis.org.  Current committee:
    • Committee Chair: Andrea Fernandez (SEAT OPEN 2021)
    • Committee Co-Chair: Callie Ruffus
    • Treasurer: Jackie Anglin  (SEAT OPEN 2021)
    • Junior Tennis Liaison Co-Chair: Malia Sams
    • Junior Tennis Liaison Co-Chair: David Gray
    • Past Committee Member At Large: Maggie Roe
    • Tennis Pro: Adam Grandstaff
    • HOA Board Liasion
  • Special Projects: Since COVID-19 put the kibosh on our 2020 events calendar, we’ve taken the opportunity to tackle a few special projects.
    • Championship Signs: The HOA has asked us to update how we portray all of our teams that win a league championship. This has been a little slow moving as we working with USTA/ALTA to get updated lists, etc. But we’re almost there! The end result will be new championship plaques lining the staircase of the pavilion.  We’ve removed most of the metal signs hanging on the fences as well.  We’re excited for this project to be completed and recognize all our amazing Legacy Park teams.
    • Kiosk Updates: The kiosk near Court 1 is now updated with current information on a monthly basis. (Can I get a HOORAY!). We’ll also be updating the bulletin board in the pavilion on a regular basis. 
  • Communications: This is a tricky one…we’ll never make everyone happy. Though we will try!  We have upgraded our comms on the tennis Facebook groups (Legacy Park Tennis and Legacy Park Juniors Tennis). We try to communicate often here regarding drills, special events, and important tennis topics.  We are going to improve the communications for those that do not use social media as well.  Our tennis updates go to HOA for the monthly newsletter and LP HOA Tennis page as well as request any special emails from the HOA if the need arrives. We are also investigating some features on the current Legacy Park Tennis website to see if we can post updates (with a subscriber feature). More to come here!
  • Tennis Committee Bank Account: why do we have a bank account anyway?  I’m so glad you asked…it takes money (and up-front money) to run tournaments. While we do heavily rely on sponsors to fund our tournaments, we have to pay vendors upfront for many of the tournament expenses (tshirts, swag, deposits for catering, etc.). We also like to purchase things for the tennis community that is outside of the HOA budget.  For example, we are currently wanting to replace the main level TV under the pavilion.  Have you noticed someone hit a tennis ball in to it?  Our plan is to buy a new TV with a case surrounding it to protect it from weather and tennis balls. We’ve been fiscally conservative this year though, until we are able to get tournaments back on plan and understand what our needs are there.
  • HOA Budget Requests:  We also work with Adam and the HOA on yearly budget requests from the HOA.  While we would have liked for the wood retaining walls to be replaced with stone, that is outside of the tennis committee’s control.  We have made requests for additional furniture on the main level of the pavilion, an additional pavilion awning near Courts 10/11 and remotes for the pavilion awnings.

So there you have it!  We’re happy to answer any questions – reach out to any of us individually or our committee email addy which comes to all of us: committee@legacyparktennis.org.